Kim Taehyung Instagram Story

In an unexpected Weverse Live session today, BTS’s V, known to fans as Taehyung, sent a wave of excitement through the ARMY as he revealed his plans for the day. V shared that he was going to have lunch with a close friend named Peter, sparking curiosity among fans about the mysterious Peter’s identity.

The surprises didn’t stop there! V also treated his followers by sharing a side-splitting video on his Instagram account, featuring none other than his friend Peter. The video showcased the duo’s infectious laughter and unmistakable camaraderie, leaving fans in stitches.

ARMY members around the world were thrilled by this unexpected Weverse Live and the comical video shared by V and Peter. It’s evident that V’s sense of humor and his heartwarming friendship with Peter continue to captivate fans. Stay tuned for more delightful updates from BTS’s V and his adventures with friends!

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