Five Years Ago Today, BLACKPINK’s Jennie Takes the Spotlight with Debut Solo Single ‘SOLO’

Exactly five years ago today, BLACKPINK’s lead rapper and vocalist, Jennie Kim, made history by taking the solo spotlight with the release of her debut single, “SOLO,” a move that shocked the K-pop industry.

The eagerly awaited solo project revealed Jennie’s versatility as a performer and gave fans a taste of her unique style and skill. Pop and hip-hop elements were expertly merged in “SOLO,” which featured memorable hooks and potent rap verses that emphasized Jennie’s distinctive vocal style.

Simultaneously released, the accompanying music video was a visual extravaganza that raised the bar for solo debuts. The video, which Han Sa Min directed, demonstrated Jennie’s captivating personality, sense of style, and unmistakable stage presence. After only a few hours of release, it had millions of views and was trending all over the world on social media, quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon.

Critics praised Jennie for her ability to deliver a unique performance while retaining the signature style that BLACKPINK fans had grown to love, and her solo debut was widely acclaimed. “SOLO” proceeded to rule music charts domestically and abroad, establishing Jennie as a formidable solo performer.

Members of BLACKPINK kept up their solo pursuits and group activities in the years that followed, showcasing their unique talents and helping K-pop become more popular around the world. ‘SOLO’, Jennie’s career-defining moment, signaled a smooth shift from group dynamics to a solo spotlight, inspiring and paving the way for other BLACKPINK members to start their own solo journeys.

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