Halsey says she was scared to voice her support for Palestine again

Pop artist Halsey revealed on Instagram yesterday that she is reluctant to openly show her support for Palestine due to fears for her personal safety. The vocalist, who has been a vocal supporter of many social and political issues, said that she had been afraid and hesitant to express her support for the Palestinian people because of her prior experiences.

During her previous tour, Halsey recalled, she had to deal with snipers in the skies because of what she called “violent” and “threatening events.” In addition to endangering her safety, these upsetting events caused her home to be repeatedly swatted—a risky practical joke typically connected to intimidation and harassment.

Halsey emphasized her discomfort that this decision was unintentionally limiting her capacity to speak out in favor of families facing far more extreme violence in Palestine, even as she acknowledged the imperative of safeguarding her own family. The artist expressed her sincere sympathy for the people impacted by the ongoing violence and the everyday misery they go through.

Millions of Halsey’s social media fans responded to her open post with words of sympathy and support, flooding the comments area. Many admirers praised her for her courage in exposing her ordeal and advised others to take into account the psychological and physical costs associated with utilizing one’s platform to address divisive topics.

The ongoing discourse around the Israeli-Palestinian issue has brought to light the personal challenges that artists encounter in navigating action within an often hostile and hazardous milieu.

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