Jungkook’s ‘Golden’ Breaks Records with Over 1 Million Copies Sold on Hanteo in First Day Debut

With his most recent release, “Golden,” multi-talented member of the internationally popular BTS has once again demonstrated his solo prowess. The album reached new heights, selling over a million copies on the Hanteo chart in its first day, making it the second biggest first-day debut by a solo artist in the history of the chart.

Since its release on November 3, “Golden” has received a resounding amount of support from fans all over the world, demonstrating Jungkook’s enormous popularity and impact as a soloist. The album has earned a rightful place in the annals of music history thanks to its unique blend of genres, poignant lyrics, and Jungkook’s soulful vocals.

According to the most recent update, “Golden” has already sold over 1.43 million copies and is still breaking records, establishing Jungkook as a powerful force in the international music scene. The accomplishment highlights not only the steadfast support of BTS’s devoted fan base, ARMY, but also Jungkook’s unique appeal and artistry.

Fans have been using social media to share their joy and pride in the accomplishment, and the hashtag #GoldenMillion is now trending globally. Numerous platforms have been inundated with congratulations and expressions of admiration for Jungkook’s musical abilities, emphasizing the influence he has had on the music industry.

Along with his accomplishments with BTS, Jungkook’s prior solo releases, “Seven” and “3d,” have also seen incredible success, solidifying him as a formidable solo artist. He keeps pushing the envelope and redefining what’s possible for a solo artist with “Golden.”

“Golden” is being hailed by industry insiders as a monument to Jungkook’s extraordinary talent and the steadfast love of his fans. The album’s enormous debut is a glaring example of BTS and its members’ influence and global reach.

Fans and critics are excited to see what Jungkook has in store for the future as ‘Golden’ continues to make waves in the music industry, solidifying his legacy as one of the most influential figures in contemporary music.

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