Jungkook’s “Golden” Makes History as First Soloist Album to Sell Over 2 Million Copies on First Day in Hanteo Records

BTS’s Jungkook Sets New Record with Debut Solo Album

With the release of his first solo album, “Golden,” Jungkook, the hugely popular member of the worldwide phenomenon BTS, has accomplished an unprecedented feat. Being the first soloist album in Hanteo history to sell over two million copies on the first day of release, the album has broken records.

The announcement stunned the music industry because fans were looking forward to Jungkook’s solo project from all over the world. “Golden” demonstrates the musician’s adaptability and distinct sound, fusing pop, R&B, and hip-hop components. Fans have responded favorably to the album’s varied sound and Jungkook’s poignant lyrics, enhancing his standing as a formidable solo artist.

The accomplishment highlights the enduring support of the BTS ARMY, who have stood by the group since their debut, in addition to Jungkook’s enormous popularity. The ardent support for Jungkook and their eager and enthusiastic promotion of “Golden” demonstrated the fandom’s commitment.

One of the most reliable South Korean platforms for tracking album sales, Hanteo, verified the accomplishment and emphasized the momentous nature of Jungkook’s feat.

Industry insiders predict that “Golden” may eclipse not only BTS’s prior records but also establish new industry standards for soloist albums globally. Unquestionably, Jungkook’s extraordinary talent and widespread appeal were major contributors to this ground-breaking achievement.

The popularity of “Golden” also heralds a new chapter in BTS’s solo career. After Jungkook’s enormous success, there is a lot of expectation for the other members’ upcoming solo endeavors, which will hopefully further establish their unique artistic identities while preserving their group dynamic.

While the world rejoices over this incredible accomplishment, fans and industry insiders alike are excited about what Jungkook will do next. They understand that his solo career is just getting started and that there are countless opportunities for him to continue making a lasting impression on the music business.

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