STAYC Marks Third Anniversary of Debut with Smash Hit Single ‘So Bad’

Three years ago today, the K-pop industry saw the rise of a new force: the inexperienced girl group STAYC. They captivated audiences with their innovative sound and captivating live performances, launching onto the scene with their debut single, “So Bad.”

“So Bad” demonstrated STAYC’s distinct fusion of pop and electronic elements, along with an infectious energy that made a lasting impression on the industry. Fans and critics alike were immediately drawn to the title track, an energetic anthem with catchy hooks and strong vocals that announced the arrival of a promising new act.

Directed by well-known industry figures, the accompanying music video was a visual extravaganza that emphasized STAYC’s charisma and displayed their remarkable dancing abilities. With their debut album, the group not only showcased their musical prowess but also revealed to the public each member’s unique style and personality.

With ‘So Bad’ making waves on both domestic and international music charts, STAYC, under the direction of High Up Entertainment, quickly gained momentum. Because of the group’s early success, which served as a strong platform for their later releases, STAYC has grown to be a major player in the K-pop industry.

“So Bad,” which marks the third anniversary of STAYC’s debut, continues to be a fan favorite and is evidence of the group’s incredible ascent. With each new release bringing them praise and an expanding international fan base, STAYC keeps pushing the boundaries of what’s considered normal in the ever-changing K-pop industry. Cheers to STAYC’s accomplishments over the last three years and to what lies ahead for this remarkable group of girls.

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